Pierre Joseph

Position: LB, DE

Jersey No.: 42

Date of Birth: 5/22/89

Height: 5’11″

Weight: 205lbs

Hometown: Irvington, NJ

HS: Irvington Blue Knights

Minor League: New Jersey Spartans


Pierre “Usher” Joseph, joined the New Jersey Spartans Team in 2009, but due to an injury, didn’t begin playing until 2010. He is known for his blue-collar work ethic and demeanor. He is a all-around contributer on defense & special teams. He is skilled and talented enough to line up anywhere the defensive scheme needs him to be. Pierre is relatively young in the adult-amateur world, but has the passion and desire to become one of the best. Pierre played 4 years of high school ball at Irvington HS where he was known for being a hard-worker.

Why the NJ Spartans:

“This is where I have the best opportunity to advance my knowledge of the game and be able to put it to use.”

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