Spartans Continue Making Strides

The New Jersey Spartans held their 2nd team interest meeting and once again there was an excellent turnout. The Spartans Coaching Staff got even more players to come out to the meeting. There was about 30 Players that attended, and judging by the way they all left the facility, it must have been a riveting experience. The General Manager was excited as a “kid in a candy store.” She further said, “That there was such passion for football in that room, that she even wanted to strap up and go play ball right then and there.” The Players are getting rowdy and the coaches are siked…. This is going to be one heck of a ride, Go SPARTANS Go… Once again Coach Moss issued Special Thanks to The Honorable Mayor Wayne Smith, Donald Malloy, and Anthony Howard from the Township of Irvington for their respective parts in assisting the New Jersey Spartans.

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