January 13 – The Beginning of a New Season


Tues, January 13, 2009

Dear Journal,

This morning, I realized something very amazing. Our 2009 Season is getting ready to start and I’m excited. It was very interesting to me, because last season was kind of hard. Last year was a little tough, like all first years in any new organization. I tried my best to provide everything that each player wanted, but I had to tell myself “You can’t please everyone.” Many people may have viewed me as the “mean one,” because I had to stick to the rules of the franchise as well as the rules of the league. I’m in place to oversee the organization and provide all that’s needed to bring a successful season, so that’s what I do.

I’m truly hoping that this year will be different. How? Well, I would like more teamwork from everyone. Although the Front Office is in place to manage the team, we still need the support of each player. As requested, we are trying to bring more “Team Building” Activities to the organization. These activities were requested, so all I ask is that individuals participate. We can’t be a team with only half of the body. There will be a lot f changes taking place and I hope they are all for the better. I also ask that everyone provides their feedback. I’m a big girl and can take criticism, so please be as honest as possible and let me know your true thoughts. This will be yet another successful season.


Charmaine, G.M.

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