The Spotlight: SS No. 9 Orret McBean

Spotlight: Orret McBean

Orret McBean (Paterson, NJ.) has been a starter on defense for three seasons. In this Spotlight, McBean answers questions about playing with the Spartans and Spending time with his Daughter.

Question: What is your most memorable with the Spartans?
: Practicing in the Snow, having numerous discussions with my coach about Defensive Schemes and The Championship Game vs the Phoenix.

Question: Do you ever find yourself applying the things you learned in high school to this level?
: Yes. Staying positive. Working hard to win every game. You only win games when you win it quarter by quarter.

Question: You are from Paterson. What led you to become a Spartan and play in Newark, NJ?
: Actually, growing up my passion and love was Football. Always been my Number 1 Love, until my daughter came along. My friends led me to the team and its was on from there.

Question: In High School you played all over the field. How did you settle in to your current position with the Spartans?
: I’ve always wanted to play safety. However I do what ever it takes to win. I even lined up at Defensive End to help us Win. Playing safety is a dream come true.

Question: What’s your favorite position and play in football?
: Safety, big hits, and the view of the field is more clear. I can make plays from that position.

Question: How would you describe Coach Moss?
: Dedicated. If he wasn’t dedicated he would not put up with us as players and he does the things he says and as a player you have to appreciate that.

Question: This team has a powerful home game presence. What are the special characteristics of Shabazz Stadium?
: Fear. Because opposing teams in their mind they only worry about our defense and rightfully so because no one likes to get hit. When teams come in to the stadium they are worried about getting hit hard. CODE BLACK… Welcome to the Pound!

Question: What do you enjoy doing in your free time?
: I love spending time with my daughter, family, friends and what ever teammates I can get in touch with and just chill.

Question: What are some of your favorite movies?
: I don’t really watch movies like that, if I am home I enjoy reading.

Question: Is there anything people would be surprised to know about you?
: I like staying to myself and my daughter.

Question: What’s your favorite thing to do with daughter?
: Play… Play around and reading to her.

Question: What are you looking forward to this up coming season?
: Looking forward to a championship and winning every game in front of us. No Shortcuts! Every Game we play, one at a time. I have a goal for us to have the Number 1 Defense and Offense!


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