January 19 – A Change is Coming


Mon, January 19, 2009

Dear Journal,

Many are aware that tomorrow, January 20, 2009 marks a very historical event, the Presidential Inauguration. President Elect, Barack Obama, will officially become our 44th President of the United States of America and begin to lead our country in what many are calling “A New Day.” This ceremony holds such meaning to so many people that tears of joy will flow as inspiration is instilled in the hearts of the upcoming generation. It’s not a coincidence that the Inauguration takes place the day after we remember Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. for the blood, sweat, and tears that were shed only a few decades ago. Dr. King has fought so hard to make a change to this country. The election of Barack Obama only shows that Dr. King’s work was not in vain.

I often ask myself, “How did we get so much unity for the presidential election?” “What makes people believe that Barack Obama will make a change?” “Will the U.S. really become a different country?” I don’t know all the answers and will never claim to be able to solve all problems. What I do know is that we are living in a new world and things will keep changing. I hope that the change is for the better and the days get brighter. I also hope that as the New Jersey Spartans begin its second year, that we too can come together with unity and work towards our main goal – VICTORY. This election should tell many tha t it’s not about YOU or ME, but about us ALL. We too can make a difference if we all work together.



Charmaine, G.M.



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