NJ Spartans Announce Initial Roster for 2011

As the New Jersey Spartans officially begin their preparation for the 2011 Season, every member, fan, and supporter is eager to see what’s in store for the Green, Black, and White.  After hosting 2 successful try-outs, the Spartans Organization is proud to announce that they have 56 players who have given their commitment to the Adult Football Team.  While a good portion of the roster is made of new players, the football team will rely on the Returning Spartan Elite to instill the Spartan traditions and lead the team in its “Return to Glory.”

The Spartans organization stands firm behind their early start.  While other teams are just starting to recruit for the season, the Spartan Men are already practicing and running drills in 24 inches of snow.  Hoping to establish a long-lasting brotherhood that can work together, the Spartans know that they still have room to grow and positions to fill.  Scheduling to host at least 2 additional try-outs, prior to the start of the season, the coaching staff will continue to seek dedicated individuals who are willing to join a team on its way to a successful season.  With hard work, determination, and loyalty, the organization knows that 2011 will be the best year yet. 

Below are the 56 Brave Men who have accepted the Spartan Challenge:

1 Davahn Johnson
2 Chase Long
3 James Wright
5 Mike Kohler
8 Eddie Feliciano Jr.
12 Anthonius Joseph
16 Kevin Langhauser
17 Larry Cooper
18 John E. Johnson
19 DaiShan Brown
20 Darryl Coello
21 Daniel Colon
23 Louis Russo
24 Gongar Konah
25 Justin Carter
26 Daniel Martinez
27 John Martin
28 Joshua Jenkins
30 DaVontae Dickson
31 Brian Mercer
32 Raheem Martin
33 Eric Gould
35 Mahmoud Farag
37 Carey Winston
38 Cliff Navarro
40 Christian Guzman
41 Laquan Wilson
42 Pierre Joseph
43 Westmore Bowman
47 Darrell Johnson
50 David Bedregal
52 Ramon Aguirre
53 Roberto Hernandez
54 Maximiliano Claros
55 Ariel Guzman
56 David Lopez
57 Daiyon Yarmeto
58 Jose Renderos
62 David Ginorio
65 D’Shawn Dickson
69 Allan Stroud
71 Edward Feliciano
75 Gary Greenfield
80 Ellie Kfoury
81 Miguel Valoy
82 Ronnie James
83 Timothy Roberts
84 Sayon Lembrick
85 Kelvin Mason Jr
86 Ahmad Gadson
87 Derek Dickson
88 John J. Johnson
89 Tamir Houston
90 Cesar Navarro
93 Hulon Caesar
96 Ronald Boyd


Check out the latest Video of Spartan TV – “I AM A NEW JERSEY SPARTAN!”

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    • geremy ganaway
      February 5, 2011

      I am interested in trying out for you guys and wanted to know what or if there are anymore tryout dates?

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