New Year, New Logo


The 2007-2009 and 2010 New Jersey Spartans Logo

New Jersey Spartans Logo

Just as we have unveiled a new, we also bring you a New Logo.

We feel that our new logo is reflective of our desire to spread our organization’s mission throughout the state.

This new logo, which is very positive, depicts the progressive attitude of all the members of the New Jersey Spartans. It features our already well known S, this time in Black – Outlined in white, with the Green Garden State being transposed between it in white. The new design also contains all of the organizations colors, which is a big plus.

This excellent design has alot of SPARTAN history and pride contained within it. It shows how much of our Spartan crowd remains after a tumultuous 2009 Season. Its also shows the resiliency of the people within the organization from the state of NJ who are pushing on and helping us fordge new relationships so we can continue on the path that we set out on in November 2007. Which is our purpose.

Anytime you see this identifiable mark, please know that it is the New Brand of the New Jersey Spartans!!

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