February 3 – From the Four Chambers

Tues, February 3, 2009

Dear Journal,

Today, I asked myself, what moves people? How can people be so determined for a specific goal or maintain their focus during touch times? One word came to my mind – PASSION. People work harder when they’re working towards something they love. Individuals don’t give up when they need, not want, a change to take place. After watching Jennifer Hudson sing the National Anthem for Superbowl Forty-Three, I felt her love towards music when she sang from her heart, despite all that she’s experienced these past months. Watching people cry during the Presidential Inauguration of Barack Obama, I noticed that they not only believed in Obama, but need him to lead the nation from his heart. I paid close attention to the Steelers play the Cardinals and reflected on Gene Hackman’s line, “He doesn’t have the heart,” during the movie, “The Replacements” and reminded myself that real players play from the Four Chambers.

People learn that it takes a lot more to stop someone with so much passion. After watching the Spartans participate in the most recent Combine at VSP, I saw the passion through the eyes on specific individuals as they participated and did their best to let their talents show through. I only hope that this passion continues on the field and the opposing team will see the will and determination through the eyes of the Spartans. Let the Four Chambers dictate your every move.



Charmaine, G.M.

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