Sports Health at Mountainside Hospital

On Saturday, February 4th, the New Jersey Spartans attended the FREE Sports Health Seminar, hosted by Mountainside Hospital’s School of Nursing.  The morning started with a Welcome Message by the Hospital’s CEO, John Fromhold, followed by the sharing of a memorable emergency room experience by CBS’s Jim Axelrod.  The seminar consisted of several panelists who took the time out to share their knowledge and expertise to seminar attendants.  Stand out topics for the New Jersey Spartans players and coaching staff were “When to go to the Emergency Room for a Sports Related Injury,” led by Emergency Department Director, Dr. Marjory Langer.  She focused on individuals who have doubt about the severity of an injury and often believe that they can bypass a trip to the Emergency Room, when in actuality, the injury can lead to death.  If it appears unsure, get the reassurance from an actual doctor.

Another stand out topic was “Sports and Concussions,” led by Dr. Sean Lager and Dr. Orlando Gonzalez of Cleared to  Their topic discussed Pre and Post Concussion testing, through the ImPact Test which monitors your brain during normal activity and re-monitors your brain after a head injury. Both tests allow doctors to compare your brain and gauge when a person may return to their normal day-to-day activities.  While many people relate concussions to athletes, both Dr. Lager and Dr Gonzalez explained that concussions can also take place during a car accident or during a slip and fall on pavement.

The Spartans were eager to participate in the seminar demonstrations, led by Dr. Joseph Patanella during his presentation on Rehabilitation Services.  He showed how various exercises can assist in the rehabilitation and recovery of individuals.  The Spartans were definitely up for the challenge and showed that the exercises can be challenging, but prove to be beneficial.  There were also various tables that included information on Breast Cancer, Prostate Cancer, Blood Pressure, and even healthy Tailgating Recipes.  Following the seminar topics, Mountainside Hospital wrapped up the afternoon with the Tailgating Kick-Off to Super Bowl Weekend.  Including food and games, seminar participants were able to mingle amongst each other and find out their accuracy in throwing a football.  Lunch was provided and Raffle Prizes were also awarded.  The New Jersey Spartans were acknowledged as the Team with the Most Representation and received a hearty, yet healthy Team Prize from Whole Foods.  The Spartans would like to thank Mountainside Hospital for hosting such an informative event and look forward to attending many events to come.

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