#1 – North Jersey Collegiate Football Club

On top of all the other 11 items we plan to bring to our fans in 2012, the North Jersey Collegiate Football Club is the greatest yet!  This list started with us saying that we are bringing you more football and the NJCFC is bringing even more.  By offering a college-level football program to students who attend institutions that do not offer football as a sport, the Spartans are building a new-breed of men to take on a different level of football.  The NJCFC is very important to the organization, because we bring a continuance of a football career to someone who may have thought it ended after high-school.  The program is designed for the man who wasn’t able to secure the anticipated college scholarship and needs more time to excel academically.  It’s also designed for the young man who chose a different path in life and needs to stay local, but still wants to get a college degree.  He can continue to play football, provide for this family, and still get his education.  Last, but not least, it’s designed for the man who needs another opportunity to exceed in life; the man who is willing to work hard and not give up on his dreams.  The NJCFC will take the field this September, so stay tuned to find out when you can see the new team in action.  (NJCFC)


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