Below is the Step-by-Step Guide for Prospective Candidates:

- Step One: Attend the Interest Meeting and Open Try-Out

- Step Two: Request the Official NJCFC Information Packet

- Step Three: Gather any past Football Film

- Step Four: Submit the Requested Items and Supportive Documents along with Application Fee

- Step Five: Special Interest Interview

- Step Six: Await Notification

After reviewing the received applications, both the Coaching Staff and Administrative Staff will select qualified candidates for a Special Interest Interview.  This Interview is to determine what the student-athlete hopes to gain during his time with the Club and determine his commitment level.  In this Interview, goals will be set and expectations will be stated, so all parties involved are on the same page regarding the Next Step.  It’s good for the Administrative Staff to know where the player would like to go upon the completion of the upcoming school year.  Whether his decision is to remain at his current school or proceed on to a Four-Year College, the staff will be able to properly prepare the student for what’s to come.

Once you’ve been accepted into the North Jersey Collegiate Football Club, you will receive an Official WELCOME PACKET, which includes all Agreements, Waivers, and Release forms for the upcoming 2012 Season.  Your Welcome Packet will also include your Invitation to our 2012 Signing Day, where dedicated individuals will display their commitment to the NJCFC, in front of their Family and Friends, and officially become a CFC SPARTAN.

Newly accepted players must complete the Required Spring Season Work-Outs, Summer Season Work-Outs, and Off-Season Training and Conditioning in order to maintain their eligibility for the upcoming season.

After the Labor Day Holiday, the team will re-group for Intense Game Day Preparation as the Fall Season will only be a few weeks away.  At this time, all Registration Fees must be paid, a Fall Semester Schedule must be provided, all Physical and Medical Clearance must be granted, and Game-Mode is underway.

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