Q. When can I apply to the NJCFC?

A. The NJCFC will begin collecting applications in March 2012


Q. Is there an Application Fee?

A. Yes.  All interested candidates must complete an application and include the $50 Application Fee


Q. Are there any Requirements?

A. All applicants must have graduated high school and must be enrolled into an institution of higher education


Q. Do I have to attend a certain school?

A. The Collegiate Football Club is open to all currently enrolled students of a New Jersey Higher Education Institution


Q. What is the Cost of the Program?

A. There is an Annual Fee of $1500, payable in installments


Q. Do I have to buy my own equipment?

A. No. The Annual Fee includes the rental of all required football equipment, uniforms, and any necessary items for participation.


Q. Will the Club interfere with my college education?

A. Our staff will work with your Admissions Department for assistance with scheduling; however, a part of our leadership program is to assist with time management and prioritizing.  Your College Education is always our main focus.


Q. What is the Season Schedule?

A. The Game Season begins in September and will end before Thanksgiving


Q. Can I get cut from the Team?

A. The CFC will only dismiss a player if they no longer meet the participation requirements or disobeys a CFC Code of Conduct Policy.

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