For the 2012 Fall Season, the Collegiate Football Club will be a member of the Yankee Collegiate Football Conference, YCFC.  The New Jersey Spartans Organization viewed this decision as the best opportunity for the newly established football team.  As the YCFC enters their 3rd year of football, the Collegiate Football Club join a group of football teams that are not only on the same level, but have the same goal.  All of the teams in the Yankee Collegiate Football Conference have been established to bring football to college students.

Club Division College Football is an opportunity for students, student-athletes and their fans toonce again participate in inter-scholastic athletics in its purest and most traditional form.  These teams and players hearken back to the days when college football first took the nation by storm, with teams assembled from the best ballplayers you could muster from your campus, and the stands filled with their classmates brandishing pennants and megaphones.  These non-scholarship players are truly representative of the ‘student body”.

The YCFC is affiliated with the New England Football League, the Summer League for the New Jersey Spartans’ Minor League Football Team.  The New England Football League is the largest adult amateur football league in the country with over 40 teams and three levels of competition accommodating about 2000 participants. The league has been in operation for eighteen years, and is the only one of its kind that is recognized by the NCAA as a true adult amateur football league.  The NCAA has further acknowledged that participation in the NEFL does not affect NCAA eligibility.  The NEFL provides the Yankee Collegiate Football Conference with all of the necessary league infrastructure including policies and procedures, officials, scheduling, liability coverage, etc.


CLICK HERE to learn more about the Yankee Collegiate Football Conference.

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