Spartans Visit Peshine Academy

On Wednesday, March 4, 2015 the New Jersey Spartans visited Peshine Academy of Newark, New Jersey. As a recipient of our School of the Week program, the Academy was able to receive complimentary tickets for the entire student body as well as the faculty and staff to a New Jersey Spartans home football game. Select Minor-League players were able to visit 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade students, delivering the message of first – LISTEN, second – LEARN, and third – ACHIEVE.

Students were excited to see Spartans’ player, #25, Free Safety, Mr. Keith Lewis, who is also a Basketball Coach at the Academy. Mr. Lewis knew a lot of students on a personal level as he deals with them on a day-to-day basis. It was nice for the students to see what Mr. Lewis does when he is not working at the school. Accompanying Mr. Lewis were his Spartans team-mates Mr. Adam Savage, Mr. Lamont-Ashad Jordan, Mr. Devon Hull, Mr. Elijah Jamison, and Mr. Jermaine Barrett, as well as Spartans’ Head Coach, Mr. Kevin Moss.

The Spartans received a new home in room #207, classroom of Miss Torres, Peshine Academy teacher. Ms. Torres was so appreciative of the Spartans for coming to visit the classroom, as she understands the important role that athletes can play in the life of a student.  Miss Torres said that the New Jersey Spartans are always welcome to come to her classroom at any time and her door would always be open for us.  Many of the other teachers at the Academy were just as appreciative as Ms. Torres, as many of their students are highly interested in football.  The Spartans continue to put education first and informed the students that they can only come to a game if they get their work done first.  This is a great incentive, because it allows the students to see that first comes work, then comes FUN.

The Spartans are looking forward to returning to Peshine Academy and hope to see their new family and friends at a Spartans’ home game.  A special thank you to Mrs. Gordon and Mrs. Bowman for allowing the Spartans organization to visit the school.


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