March 13 – What's Your Ring Size

Friday, March 13,

Dear Journal,

It’s beginning already.  I was on a local Forum and came across the following message:

Looking at the teams in this tourny and how they did in there respective leagues in 08, i think it will be

1) N J Spartans
2) Bay Knights
3) N Y Spartans
4) H V Cowboys

I based my picks on how these teams did last season and in the case of the #1 team, they beat Two teams in this years tourny last season who were in the RAFL (E.S.D.Knights/L.I.PANTHERS/). The Bay knights get home field during the entire tournament and they play a tough schedule every spring with the NYFD, NYPD and Brklyn Mariners. The N.Y.Spartans i have #3 and if the Def improves they could end up number 2.

Got to watch out for the Hudson Valley Cowboys and i have them as my # 4 team  

Of course there were a few additional responses, but everyone ranked us in the top 3.  So, I asked myself, “Why?”  I mean, this is only our 2nd year and we didn’t win any championships in 2008.  So, why are people predicting us to win?

I try to instill within the team that what you speak will soon become a reality.  At the beginning of the season, we introduced the Spring Tournament schedule to the team and gave them a quick recap.  In my closing remarks, I made a statement that started like this “When we win the Championship, we….”  I set out with the expectations that this team will have another successful season and even take it up a few notches.  So, I have one question for my team, “What’s your ring size?”  A Championship Winner is sometimes noticed, because of the Championship Ring worn on his or her finger.  So, what do WE say, Spartans?  Are we champions?  How about that emerald green stone surrounded by gold?



Charmaine, G.M.

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