2009 RAFL Schedule Released

Today, the Regional American Football League has released the 2009 regular season schedule. The New Jersey Spartans will be playing in the NJ Division. Here are the opponents for the upcoming season:


 2009 Opponents
 Gm. 1: NJ Lions
 Gm. 2: NJ Wolves
 Gm. 3: Wdbrdg. Bulldogs
 Gm. 4: Oneonta Stallions
 Gm. 5: NJ Battle
 Gm. 6: HC Bounty Hunters
 Gm. 7: Wdbrdg. BullDogs
 Gm. 8: Ovrbrk. Chargers 
 Gm. 9: Balt Warriors
 Gm. 10: NJ Wolves
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