Gridiron Elite Staff April 12, 2009


Last year the Spring Classic was warm and rain free, fast forward 12 months and the Spring Classic is anything but that. Rain, cold weather and mud have all been major factors in early play. Today was no different as the NJ Spartans, CT Ravens, NY Spartans and Bay Knights all fought mother nature and their opponents the day before Easter. In todays first game the NJ Spartans (0-1) faced the CT Ravens (1-0) at Evander Childs HS.

The game began right after the weather finally broke and the battle for field position began as bought teams traded punches early. The NJ Spartans drew first blood as QB #12 hooked up with #9 on a long pass up the visiting team sideline. “The pass was short but #9 made a great play on the ball and made some people miss”, said Coach Jim from the Nassau Punishers. The Spartans successfully on the XP kick jumped out to a 7-0 lead. “With the weather being so bad you thought that may have been the only score”, said a frustrated Ravens fan.

Each team battled from that point until a early INT was returned to the house by the NJ Spartans. The Spartans full of confidence kicked the XP making the score 14-0 going in the half. The Ravens seemed to be experimenting with a 2 QB system this week, that may have cost them as #21 the second QB for the Ravens seemed to never get a good grip on the game. The ball was heavy and he struggled making throws down the field.

The score remained 14-0 threw the entire third quarter as player after player went down hard on the turf. “Our guys were excited to play the team from CT”, said Coach Moss, Head Coach of the Spartans. The Elite Staff would like to wish #42 the quickest recovery possible as he left the game during the 3rd quarter with what seemed like a shoulder or collar bone injury. Both teams played a very intense level of football in April one of the signatures if the Spring tournament.

The 4th quarter watched the Ravens put together there 1st drive going all the way down the field on a long ball from QB #18 to #9 who out jumped the entire Spartan defense for the TD. The Ravens lined up for the conversion and failed making the score 14-6. The Spartans seemed committed to working on their offense as they mounted a very strong drive in the 4th quarter behind the feet of their QB #12. He started the drive off with two big runs and completed a long pass down the sideline setting up the Spartans final score of the game. #12 rolled out right and make a great play for the end zone scoring the Spartans final 6 points of the game making the final score 20-6 Spartans (1-1) over the Ravens (1-1).

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