April 18 – A New Breed

Dear Journal,

Tonight was the first night my heart shed a tear for the Spartans.  As we are half-way through our Spring Season, I was never more proud of these players as I was tonight.  I stood on the sidelines and watched dedication and perseverance come to life right before my eyes.  Then the sun began to set and our players continued to fight from their soul.  They sacrificed their body for a win that fell out the palms of our hands. 


During the game, I asked myself, what can I do to help the team? I prayed for the grips of their fingers, the speed of their feet, the view of their eyes, and the strength of their arms.  My prayers were indeed answered, but I failed to pray for the comfort of a loss.  Someone once said, “That which doesn’t kill me, can only make me stronger.”  Our courage didn’t die, nor did our Spartan Pride.  I have no doubt that the Spartans will become a stronger, more powerful breed of players. The Spring Season is only the Training Ground for my Champions.   The Spartan Brotherhood can and will become the Brotherhood of Success.


I will always cheer for my Spartans until the whistle is blown and the game is over.  Even then, my cheers won’t stop.  Why?  You’ll find out next week.



Charmaine, G.M.

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