Gridiron Elite Staff April 21, 2009


The firestorm begins at Kings Bay with the NJ Spartans (1-1) versus the Demon Knights (2-0) game. Each team seemed poised for a good game as at worst 2nd place was on the line in this game. That was never more evident then in the Grid Iron battle between the Empire State Demon Knights and the New Jersey Spartans. The Spartans got off to a quick start with a early score and a 8-0 lead, after a few 3 and outs by the Demon Knights that lead got to 16-0. The crowd began to clamor the words, “same old Demon Knights.” Those words could have never been more wrong. The Demon Knights never quit. The game was full of what the fans love most POINTS! The Demon Knights, after being behind by 16, came out and cut the lead in half. The Demon Knights played stout defense and shut down the NJ Spartans on the next drive. After a punt though, the Demon Knights running back was stripped and the results of the strip was a 35 yard touchdown run by the Spartan defender. This meant nothing to the Demon Knights who quickly gathered themselves and came down field in with there versatile offense and many weapons. This drive resulted in a 40+ yard run by the Demon Knights running back to end the half with a score of 22-14.

The second half proved to be just as exciting as the Spartans opened the half with a great drive that ended in a long run by QB #10 for a touchdown. The Demon Knights seemed not to be phased as the Spartans defense never seemed to catch up to the Demon Knights spread offense. The Demon Knights now being lead by a new QB#3, came quickly down the field with some rocket passes and well designed draw plays that led to a scoring strike to #2 who finished the game with two touchdowns and game MVP honors. The Spartans offense after the early scoring drive never really got on track, with an injury to QB #10, the new QB who had led the Spartans to a win last week, couldn’t get the team going. The Spartans were forced to punt yet again and yet again the Spartans defense seemed confused as the Knights hit #2 for his second score. With the Spartans now leading the game 30-28 after a failed 2 point attempt the NJ Spartans took over at nearly mid field due to a bad kick, that went out of bounds. The Spartans came out with a little over 7 minutes and converted a few big fourth downs drove the ball to the 4 yard line and instead of settling for 3, the NJ Spartans opted to go for the touchdown and were stopped on the dive play.

The Demon Knights took over with a little over 2 minutes left and a few time outs, took the Spartans down field in a brilliant drive. The big play on the drive was a personal foul after a big catch by WR #11, turning a 12 yard catch into a 27 yard catch. The QB #3 not known for his legs had a big scramble and found WR #24 for the big play that put the Knights inside the 10 yard line. After a few passes the Knights on 3rd down pitched the ball to #22 and he leaped into the end zone for the go ahead touchdown with 38 seconds left to play. After the failed 2 point conversion the Spartans got the ball at mid field yet again after the Knights kicker, had yet another illegal procedure call for kicking the ball out of bounds. QB #10 wounded and gimpy led the Spartans inside to the 10 yard line but after a few incompletions and a scramble that led to a sack/fumble, the game was over and the Demon Knights stay undefeated and get ready for there showdown with the also undefeated Kings Bay Knights.

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