Lady Spartans Successful Tryout

On Tuesday April 20th the Lady Spartans hosted their cheer and dance tryouts. Although we had a small turnout, it was still a very successful tryout. In attendance was the Spartans very own GM Charmaine, Cheerleading Coach Amanda, Entertainment Coordinator Adrienne, and our personal choreographer Leslea. The ladies who showed proved to be very dedicated individuals who were ready and eager to learn anything that was going to be thrown their way.

During the tryout, each lady was required to learn two short cheers along with a short dance routine. Through the sweat and pain of working so hard, they successfully learned each and performed to the best of their abilities without giving up. The ladies were also required to perform a series of jumps including toe-touches, hearkies, and pikes. In the end we were all blown away with these ladies talents. By the expressions on their faces and their actions throughout the entire tryout, you could tell these ladies had the heart of a cheerleader and the heart that a Lady Spartan truly needs to represent this team.

This is the year that the Spartans as well as Lady Spartans are looking to “raise the bar”. Each lady on the team will participate in various community events as well as fundraisers. This year we will be giving so much back to the community while at the same time helping to put the Spartan name on the map. With this being the first year that the
Spartans have cheerleaders and dancers, we are looking to be able to continue to build a strong supportive fan base, be able to be there to support our Spartan men as they put forth their time, efforts, and talents on the field, as well as to become role models/inspiration leaders for any young ladies out there who may take an interest in us. The Lady Spartans will take the opportunity to travel with the team on their journey throughout the season at both home and away games.  We will continue to be there to cheer the Spartans onto victory as they make it to the top this year! It’s a year, new season, new team, and new look.THIS IS OUR YEAR!

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