Rookie Diary: Who are you?

What is your number & position on the team?

What inspires you to play football?

Why did you decide to play football for the NJ Spartans?

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    • Anthony "Face" Gibson
      June 9, 2010

      Safety #5
      The commitment the dedication the family the competition the hard work the feeling of self worth the look in your brothers eyes when he knows he can depend on you to have his back the fear in an opponents eyes when he knows he’s gonna die once he crosses that line of scrimmage these are all things that inspire me to continue to play the game I love the most
      I decided to play here for the experience Sparta is a world like no other if u can make it here u can make it anywhere. Its not all about football here the bonds and relationships you build are more genuine than anything I have ever witnessed before. I needed the Sparta way of life and I’m thankful to have the privilege to be apart of it!!

    • Dorlorian "LorZ" Dickson
      June 9, 2010

      Cornerback #34
      I’ve been involve in many different sports, from basketball to track, but out of all of these sports football seems to bring out the most in me. Whether it be, frustration from not being about to perform to my expectation, or sorrow when you realize a game is slipping away, but at the same time the unbearable excitement of knowing you could be that one person to change the outcome of a whole a game in a single instance. When that occurs the whole world seems to be at your feet. For those few moments of euphoria, u realize, not only did u impress yourself but you’ve aloud other to see your worth as an individual as an athlete, and most of all as a teammate.

      To be 100 I had no intentions on trying out for only one team . . . I originally had two other teams in mind that i had spoken to previously, that i was interested in trying-out for. The NJ Spartans just happen to be the closest to home, so i went to their tryout first. When i realize that no matter the weather (i.e SNOW), the team still practiced, that showed me dedication to what they wanted to achieve as an organization. Then when i came to realize that this team had a detrimental season the year prior, i looked at this as a chance to bring a team from the dust to the hill top & ever since those tryouts, i never went to another teams tryout, and my dedication has never been so high on one thing EVER!!! So to my spartan family . . . . AaaaHhhhOooo

    • Travis "hardwork" Edwards
      June 9, 2010

      #2 qb/wr

      My inspiration to football was built on the confidence, commitment, and encouragement from head coach Kevin Moss. Early 2009 my basketball career was placed on hold due to a broken metatarsal in my right foot. I was told early in my recovery that I would never reach my full potential ever again! After the long awaited removal of my cast I felt the need to prove myself worthy of competing at 120%. I began to work my mind and body extremely hard, and in late November I was rewarded with the opportunity to play football for the New Jersey Spartans. After several workouts with coach Moss my confidence and desire peaked, then truly inspired thanks to the consistent efforts of coach Moss to see me grow as a student of the game. The confidence in me from coach Moss was the foundation of my commitment to give it my all. My decision to become a part of .the New Jersey Spartans was influenced greatly after meeting with Spartans veterans Davahn Johnson, Anthony Cook and John Curtis, seeing the comradery they had and the highlights of their accomplishments gave me a feeling I can’t explain. After that meeting I knew it was time to change my profession. . . . Aaahhhooo!!!

    • Pierre "Ush" Joseph
      June 10, 2010

      Strong Safety # 42
      Football for me has been a blessing, without out it i wouldn’t be the man i am today. It kept me out of trouble and in school where i needed to be. It teaches the true values of being a not only a man but a decent human being. Football has given me many things in life but the most important was family, and i can proudly say I’ve found my home with the NJ Spartans as my brothers.

      After High school a string of injuries kept me away from doing what i loved and i started to believe that it wasn’t meant to be, Until a friend of mine told me Coach Moss had a program so i figured id give it another go. The first Practice was the most grueling intense practice i had ever endured and i loved it. That same year i tore my Achilles Tendon in practice and was told i wouldn’t and shouldn’t be playing again. This Year I’m Strong Safety #42 For the NJ Spartans, i guess you can say ” Can’t ” isn’t a word we deal with.

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