NY Spartan Staff Jun 17th, 2009

The New Jersey Spartans, headed by coach Moss will be entering their second year in the RAFL (Regional American Football League). Besides the interest of a Spartan vs Spartan matchup, a New Jersey vs New York good ole fashioned Hudson River Rivalry, the two teams were similar in their unexpected success last year. Well unexpected to everyone else except them. The New Jersey ended their season with a heartbreaking 7-0 playoff loss after a stellar 7 and 3 season.   Coach Moss from the New Jersey Spartans said, “I believe this could be the start of a great game rivalry”. The two Spartan teams on making this an annual preseason game and the start of a tradition which will include a trophy that will be furnished with the victor’s name and year. Coach Patterson added “We anticipate this will be a very successfl event, this year and for years to come. From what we know about the Spartans organization they are a quality program that we will be able to do this for some time to come. This is something that the area could use, a good clean fun football rivalry game. The first installment of the Spartan bowl will be held in Jersey on June 27th at West Side Park in Newark NJ. Make sure you put your money on the Spartans for this one!
New Jersey Spartans

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