The Ladies Make Their Debut!

On Sunday June 20, 2010 the New Jersey Spartans faced off with the New York Spartans in the Bronx in a very intense football game. Along with the debut of the new 2010 Spartan line up came the debut of a new addition to the Spartan organization, the “Lady Spartan Cheer/Dance team!”. These ladies have been working hard for the past few weeks and it was finally their time to steal the spot light and shine, which they
had great success in doing!

As the day and the game went on the Lady Spartans battled it out through the hot steamy weather to cheer their Spartan men on. The ladies tried to keep the players motivated the entire game by performing a series of cheers and jumps. Each time a TD was scored the ladies ran down that sideline right along with the players, chanting things such as “let’s go green!” or “let’s go NJ!”

As the game continued the ladies stopped and shook it for all the fans to keep their spirits up as well! During halftime the fans came out of the stands just to compliment how they looked great and sounded extremely loud for such a small squad! Hearing compliments like that kept the ladies highly motivated and ready to step it up for the second half of the game.

Since this was only a pre-season game, the ladies still have plenty more to bring to the table when the regular season starts. Each week they continue to work hard on routines, cheers, and stunts, so be prepared for nothing but the best A-GAME that these ladies can bring to you! Keep your eyes open because the ladies will be bringing the best
entertainment you’ve ever seen in the league!

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