Ron Scott-Bey of the Jersey Wolves July 6 2010

First you’re only as good as your last season.

The BNEFF, with a 23 team roster has 11 teams with 7 or more wins in 2009 and well over 50% of our teams finished the 2009 season at or above .500. Predictions are hard for to make.  Everybody in the league has a tough schedule. Take a look at the schedule, not only division games, look at the conference crossover games and Empire/ Keystone crossover games, as well as, the non league games. No team has a smooth road to any title, division, conference or League Championship. It is hard to see any 10-0 teams, not saying no one will go 10 – 0.

Looking at the Keystone Conference, SJ Vikings, NE Eagles and NW Giants will be challenged by the Va Trojans, Va Hornet and the CP Piranha for conference honors.  While, the NEPA Miners and PA Cardinals did not win 7 games last season, they will a big factor in the Keystone.

In the Empire, Brooklyn Mariners, NJ Lions, NJ Battle, Westchester Steelers and NJ Wolves will without reservation challenge the NJ Hawks and HV Cowboys for the conference title. The NJ Battle and the Westchester Steelers are solid teams with 6 wins last season, they will make some noise. The NJ Stags with a strong performance against NEPA Miners may be the sleeper here.
Who are the top dogs?

Using the posted divisions as my guide the Piranha, Va Trojans and Va Hornets should battle it out for a trip to the Keystone Conference title game. The SJ Vikings has the defense that could keep them in the mix. The winner should face NEPA Miners or NW Giants in that game. The fly in the soup, is NE Eagles (what a schedule). The N. Philly Cowboys may figure in this division too. The Wolves and Lions should battle it out for a trip to the Empire Conference title game. The winner should face the Mariners or HV Cowboys. Who’s in the soup here, I see the NJ Battle, NJ Hawks and Westchester Steelers. NJ Stags could be the 300 lb gorilla in room.

Notice I use the word ‘should’ not will. Each division looks to be a 3 to 4 team race. That’s not to say that the teams not mention here, won’t step it up a notch or two. Hey, you’re only as good as your last season.


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