Rookie Diary: How Does It Feel?

Is it hard to juggle school, work, and/or family life with and practice and games?

What kind of a feelings do you get when you are playing a game with the team, such as the Spartan Bowl?

In your opinion, what was the best thing that you have accomplished thus far while being with the NJ Spartans?

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    • face
      July 16, 2010

      I dont think its hard to juggle these particular things because as an adult we all have priorities. Football for a lot of us is recreational, not meaning its not important but its just not as important. When it comes to sharing that time between family and football i dont believe there is a compromise other than having your family take part in the team either watching or somehow hands on. You can turn the whole thing into a family outing for that saturday or sunday. when it comes to work or school if u cant build your schedule around games and practice well you kno what you need to do as a man. to answer the question i dont believe its hard to juggle i have been doing it for 7 years now no issues.

    • face
      July 16, 2010

      when playing with my fellow spartans i get a feeling of control, enthusiam, aggression, togetherness and accountability.

      Playing in sparta i must say with all these playmakers and really good athletes i have been humbled and if you know me thats one very big accomplishment for me lol

    • brian garlic
      August 4, 2010

      Hi my name is brian and I am one of the rookies on the new jersey spartans. When I’m on the field wit my spartan brothers it gives me a chance to be a kid again. It give me the oppertunity to go out and have fun doin wat I love to do and that is play football. It also gives me a chance to get away from my lifes problems and responsibilities it is also a good stress reliever lol.

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