Spartans to Debut New Helmet

With the 2015 Summer Season beginning on Sunday, July 19th, your Spartans will return to the Gridiron with a new feature to their Football Helmets… A WHITE Face Mask!  This will be the first season that the Spartans’ Players have worn a face mask other than the color of black, since it’s birth, back in 2007.

The Spartans’ Helmet began with an All-Black Look and the original “S” logo.  This Helmet maintained it’s presence until the organization upgraded their logo, to what we currently see today.  The Helmet then incorporated a Green and White Double Stripe, that ran down the center of the Helmet.  Shortly after, the team elected to change the Base Color of the Helmet to Dark Green with Silver flakes.  The New Logo on the Dark Green Helmet was the perfect combination, so the owners thought.

Shortly after, the Minor League Football team temporarily displayed a new Spartan-Head Decal on the helmet.  This look didn’t last long, which provided the Helmet the opportunity to return back to the organization logo, but add the Double-White Stripes down the center of the Helmet.  While this look was consistent, for quite some time, the team is taking a chance and making, yet, another change.  The White Face Mask will bring the newest upgrade to the Helmet, since the incorporation of the White Center Stripe, just years ago.  Will this be the last change to the Spartan Helmet?

Look for our new look, on the field.


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