Spartans Face Wolves in Game 1 of Season

Yesterday, in Plainfield, NJ there was a heavyweight title fight-like atmosphere, when the NJ Spartans faced off with the Jersey Wolves. This was a season opener to remember. In the end the Wolves came-back to defeat the Spartans in the waning minutes of the game by completing a fourth down 20 yard Touchdown Pass to close the game. Here’s the take:

The Spartans jumped out early when QB No. 12 Khalid Shakir connected with WR No. 17 Rob Wright on a 54-yd TD pass in the 1st quarter. The wolves quickly responded and brought the score to 7 – 6 Spartans. After some good defensive efforts between both teams, finally late in the 2nd quarter the Spartans again went up top to WR No.17 Rob Wright and that put the team in position to increase the lead at the half. Unfortunately the FG try before the half was deflected at the line, but the Spartans still took the momentum into the half.

When the 3rd quarter began the both defenses continued to show how much of a struggle it would be for either squad to get anything going and kept forcing 3 and outs. Then in the middle of the quarter the Spartans caught a break when RB No. 28 Robert Cheese broke up the gut and pushed over the defenders and brought the Spartans to the Wolves 8-yd line. After a run that was stopped in the backfield, the Spartans went back to its go to guy of the Day. Hitting WR No. 17 on a TD pass in the corner of the end-zone to take the score to 14 – 6 Spartans. However the Wolves would not lay down. On the ensuing kickoff KR No. 1 torched the Spartan Special Teams by taking the Kick back to the Den and after a failed conversion the score was now 14 – 12 Spartans.

Trying to cling on to the 2 point lead they had amassed the Spartans went into the 4th quarter 14 – 12, not knowing what would happen next. During the final quarter, the game was seemingly taken out of the hands of either team when a series of penalties stifled both parties. Then after holding the Spartans offense to another 3 and out the wolves went back to work. Late in the quarter the wolves put together a 6 play drive that got them in the end zone when the QB connected with WR No. 88 on a 20 yard TD Pass; giving the wolves the Final lead of the game 19 – 14.

This was a night that you didn’t want to miss and most thought the game could have been a post season battle, but it was just the season opener. Stay tuned in. The season is going to be one heck of a ride.

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    • pimp
      July 25, 2010

      Im #5, i didnt catch that final td. It was # 88. great game

    • Coach Moss
      July 25, 2010

      Thanks and good luck the rest of the season. Thanks for the Great Game.

    • Wolves40
      July 26, 2010

      just wanted to say u guys played a hell of a game this past sat….u guys have a great team…i pretty sure will see u guys in the playoffs….

    • Tom Wilkins
      July 26, 2010

      Sounds like this is a game worth mentioning in my next show along with lots of other stuff! Hope you heard the show last week regarding the Spartan cheerleaders…keep on listening (just liked your page)!

    • General Manager
      July 28, 2010

      Thanks DJ Crazy Tom. Yes, we did hear last week’s show and definitely enjoyed it. Looking forward to hearing this week’s episode, with another special mention of the Spartans. Thanks for the support. AaaHhhOoo!

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