July 28th – Who's Who of the NJ Spartans

Dear Journal,

On this Sunday morning, I wonder, “Who’s Who, Among the New Jersey Spartans?”  There’s been a series of events taking place these past few weeks, which has caused the roles of both players and staff to be questioned.  Just from this past week, I have been given many different answers, but today, I know the truth. 

The individuals who I thought were real Spartan Men, I’ve come to learn were only a part of the team for personal gain.  They couldn’t see past their own egos to understand that each person on our Roster made the Team and some men were actually here to truly play the game of football. Then came the day of huge upset, where the organization made the decision to trim a few bad apples off the branches of a team, still seen as a group of Champions, only to find that certain egos were bigger than anyone could’ve ever imagined. 

Needless to say, after being fed several bowls of false tales, the True Spartan Men were tested and let their true hearts play in a game that redefined the New Jersey Spartans football team and organization.  They not only pulled, but stuck together, without pointing fingers, but taking ownership and cheering for their fellow Spartan players, until the final whistle blew. 

The Coaching Staff stepped down and then stepped up, bringing a new taste to the players on both sides of the ball.  They regained the confidence of the team, when the players accepted the fact that if they humbled themselves to the leadership of their respective coach, they can be led to victory.

Last night, my heart was full of joy in being proud that the Spartans were still here and in it to win it.  They didn’t give up and didn’t give in to not only the opposing team, but the former individuals who were once part of this team.  The win reassured my confidence in the decisions made by the owners of this team, as I, at one point, also questioned myself; however, I stand strong in the direction this team is going and know that my dreams for this team being in the Championship game will come true.  The good thing is that we will get there with hard work and dedication to not only the team, but to each other and the hopes and dreams we all share.

In the end, the True Spartans will stand.



Charmaine, G.M.

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