The Vikings Game

I really just can’t believe it… We came out very unfocused!!! Was it because they arrived late? Because the refs were late? Because of the last minute venue Change? Where did we go wrong? The game was very winnable… overall we just seemed to play down to there level and no capitalize on the numerous opportunities that we had to put points on the board. We didn’t even register a TD after having the ball in the red-zone at least 4 times.  Only in the fourth quarter of the game did everyone finally begin to play with some passion and sense of urgency… by then it was too late. Its really hard to figure out right now! We came out against the WOlves with pride and purpose but against the vikings we played to their level and allowed the Refs to become the object of our frustrations… Even, I, allowed the playing situations to consume my attention as I just gave up on arguing with the guys in the stripes, as it was apparently clear that they were making a series of mistakes that consequently hurt our team. Regardless we must move on and prepare for this trip to face off against the Trojans in VA. Quite a few changes will be in store for this weeks practice and we will see if the outcome is one that we can live with as a team!

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    • Phil
      August 3, 2010

      I was the referee (white hat) on the game. I read your post and the article by Thestaff “Zebras trample Vikings and Spartans”. I will admit that we as officials did not perform up to standard. There is no excuse for us to be late or not show up. When we (officials)are put in that position, all normal assignments are changed and the chance of us missing things dramatically increase. We were making adjustments on the fly, things happen. That being said, I own up to the defiences of my crew on Saturday night.
      As far the analysis by the staff, the comments about the penalty assement was wrong, we penalized the Vikings 30 yards on the play and it just so happens the ball was placed back where the play began.
      On their comments regarding, roughing the quarterback, I called three of them, in addition there were 6 major penalties assessed in the game, 3 aganist the Spartans and 3 aganist the Vikings. Although I thought your behavior was out of character, I never assessed a penalty aganist you, it was warranted.
      Your staff insisted that we took the game out of the players hands, that is not true, I don’t think thestaff was present in the middle of the field when a league offical in front of you and the Vikings coach commented that we needed to clean this game up. Listen, all in all the game appeared to be a train wreck waiting to happen, I’m sure that you were not pleased with the game your team played or the officiating and as an offical I certainly wasn’t pleased. I usually do not respond to write ups or team web sites but I respect what you are doing in the community and as a coach. Believe me I am not justifying what happened, I’m just giving you my perspective from the other side of the fence.

    • Coach Moss
      August 3, 2010

      I appreciate you taking the time out to visit and comment on any article on our site. Thank you for understanding my frustrations with the day, also for the patience that you showed when speaking with me…

      There will be a revised copy up shortly.

    • Coach Thorpe SJV Defensive Coordinator
      August 3, 2010

      WOW! I can’t believe what I’ve just read. Playing down to our level coach, are you serious? With the exception of #6, #1, and #17 your teams was not good. You only moved the ball off Penalties and the time you were close to scoring my defense shut you down, hence the score 12-3. We got the majority of the bad calls thrown our way, but we keep ballin you didn’t see me on the field crying when we got that BS roughing the passer call. We got two TD’s called back for dumb penalties, so ya’ll should be thanking the refs for trying to keep the game close. Any one who saw the game and knows football would say we took ya’ll best weapon out of the game (WR #17) and harrassed your QB all day long. Keep it real coach despite trying to throw us off with all the last minute venue changes, then trying to call the game cause ya’ll changed the field again at the last minute, we still showed up and balled. Overall you guys don’t have a bad team just practice a little harder, and I’m sure you will be sucessfull. Its not kool to bash teams cause you couldn’t beat them, but good luck the rest of the way HEADSHOTZ!

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