Vikings & Spartans – Week 2 Recap

On Saturday, July 31, 2010, at Nat Turner Football Field in Newark, NJ the NJ Spartans took on the South Jersey Vikings and it turned into a classic game that you would have seen played on a Black and White television. It was a low scoring contest, as the ball changed hands numerous times during the game. Some cool offensive highlights, along with a FG being made, missed, and blocked; it was a good game. The final score was 12 – 3 South Jersey Vikings WIN, but that’s not half the story.

In the 1st quarter, on their second drive the NJ Spartans, after holding the Vikings to a 3 and out, went down the field and kicked a 38 yd FG to open the scoring. After a series of tough defensive stances, neither team could mount any momentum to keep possession of the ball very long. However, that changed in the 2nd Quarter, when the Vikings, after recovering the ball on a botched snap, put up a big pass play that got them within striking distance. They did not miss, and hit on a passing touchdown in the corner of the end zone that gave them the lead 6 – 3, after a failed conversion attempt. Later that quarter, after another botched snap, the Vikings, again gained possession of the ball and proceeded down the field. Then on the second play of the drive, the Vikings handed off the ball to RB No.24 who was tackled after a five yard gain. After the play was over No. 24 jumped in the face of Spartans Defenders and consequently started a series of nonsense that led to his ejection. It was during that time the Vikings WR No. 88 came from the back of the bunch and shoved Spartans Defender No. 31 and flags went flying… We mention this because the Yards for the Dead Ball Personal Foul were never marked off and as a result the Vikings had the ball at the same spot for a 3rd and 5. The QB dropped back and hurled a deep ball and connected on another TD pass that gave the Vikings the edge, 12 – 3 at the half.

During the second half of the game neither team mounted much offense and committed an unusual amount of turnovers that you don’t ever want to see in a football game. With that being said, no one scored any more points and the game ended 12 – 3, Vikings.

All in all, the fans did say that even though the football game was low scoring, they felt they were fortunate to receive such a great show, headlined by the Lady Spartans. They further went on to comment about how the Special Guest who sang the National Anthem, Jomiriz Loz of Newark, NJ, has an excellent voice and that the Lady Spartans were awesome during the Halftime show. Without a doubt, all of the reviews from the fans on that night echoed one main sentiment, that the entertainment and lively atmosphere at the venue made this football game well worth it. When listening to the NJ Spartans Host, Entertainment Coordinator Ms. Adrienne Brown, speak with the fans during and after the game, the main theme we picked up was that regardless of the football game outcome, the NJ Spartans know how to entertain and provide a family-fun oriented environment.  Our fans are definitely coming out to the next home game.

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