Rookie Diary: When giving it your all is NOT ENOUGH

You’re tired, sore, broken, and seemingly beaten… You have come to realize that maybe giving it you all is just not good enough… What do you do???

How was you 1st really far road trip with your team? Before and After the Game.

What was the atmosphere like when you played?

If you got injured during this road trip, what is your outlook on Spartans Football Season now? Will they crumble or rise without you? What do you expect from the Team now that you maybe out for some time?

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    • Zoom WR #9
      August 10, 2010

      Well the trip was long, the game although we didn’t win was good to a point and the atmosphere was a little different. I for some reason had a little trouble shaking the butterflies at first I’m not sure why but it is what it is. I think that the game was just another learning experience and that we need to push each other and ourselves this week so we can come out with a win on sat and get our season going in the right direction.

    • Dorlorian "LorZ" Dickson CB #34
      September 10, 2010

      There comes a time when giving your all isnt going to be enough there are just certain forces that at the moment seem much strong and prepared. This was one of those time we were ready, we were prepared but they had more drive and thats what drove them to the top of the score board. All in All im proud of my brothers for taking that trip and layin they hearts on the field for the next man!!!

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