Spartans visit Trojans – Week 3 Recap

On a Saturday Night in Virginia Beach, the New Jersey Spartans walked onto the Sportsplex Football Field prepared to take on the Southern Virginia Trojans. It was a wonderful atmosphere to say the least. The facilities the Trojans have are exquisite and the hospitality was 1st Class. This was a very professional environment and just by the fact that the announcer announced the Game Captains during the Coin Toss, you knew that on August 7, 2010 you would be in store for a great game. Even though after reading the Box Score, you wouldn’t be able to fully grasp the moment unless you were there because the final score would have thrown you off a little. It was 44 – 7 Southern Virginia Trojans victory.

The game was broadcast on the radio and came complete with radio timeouts, full play-by-play, and all the action you could want from 2 teams. However we will just provided you with some of the games highlights and standout players.

In the 1st quarter neither team was able to move the ball much because of good defensive play all-around. LB No.58 Renderos, LB. No. 51 Garlic, & DL No. 99 Akinsete was all over the place for the Spartans Defense bringing down ball-carrier after ball-carrier. Thus the quarter ended 0 – 0. Then in the 2nd quarter the Trojans and Spartans both got on the score board with each offense stringing together a series of plays that led to points. For the Trojans a drive that began in the final seconds of the 1st quarter was capped off by a 18-yd TD run by RB No. 1 Wigfall, which got the Trojans the early lead 7 – 0. After the Spartans and Trojans exchanged possessions during the beginning of the quarter, the Spartans Offense put together a drive in the final minute of the half. The drive was assisted by a 44-yd Pass Interference penalty that got the ball placed at the Trojans 6-yd line and from there QB No. 7 Shakir went into the end zone for a 6-yd score. After the conversion by PK No. 85 Donahue both teams went into the half tied 7 – 7.

On the second play of the opening drive of the 3rd quarter the Trojans scored on a 40-yd TD Run by Trojans No. 7, giving them the lead 14 – 7 early in the quarter. Then Spartans Offense began to struggle to get it going, but the defense kept the game close.  Spartans LB No. 18 Pointer and LB No. 58 Renderos caused the Trojans players to fumble on consecutive drives, giving the Spartans Offense more opportunities but they just couldn’t get anything established thanks to the Trojans D paced by DB No. 26 Twine, DL No. 99 Cezard, DL No. 92 Martin, DL No. 93 Kirby. The quarter ended 14 – 7 Trojans.

Into the 4th they went, after the Spartans punted the ball away the Trojans tried to get on the board again. Trojans QB No. 18 Saunders connected with WR McGlone on a 24-yd reception. Then on the next play RB No. 6 Sudderth broke out and picked up 25 yards via the ground game. With that confidence, QB No. 18 Saunders tried to attack the Spartans defense on a long ball but it was picked off by Spartans SS No. 3 Wright who was all over the field on this night. The Spartans Offense still just could get any momentum and gave the ball right back to the Trojans and with about 7 minutes to go in the game, after a key player went down for the Spartans the Trojans quickly attacked and put up 7 more points, bringing the score to 21 – 7 Trojans. After this the Trojans would never look back. During the last 6 minutes of the game the Spartans lost 4 more key players in the game, possibly some for the season, and that gave the Trojans the much needed boost as they put up 23 more points en route to a 44 – 7 WIN.

After the game, the Spartan players didn’t hang their heads as they know if they only played 4 complete quarters then the game may have turned out in their favor. Still it was an exciting night in Virginia Beach and here are a few comments from fans in attendance:

“It was very exciting to see the NJ Spartans go toe-to-toe with our Virginia Trojans and play such a tough physical game.”

“We were impressed when we seen the Lady Spartans Cheering for their players throughout the whole game. It’s rare that the any team has Cheerleaders who travel on this level, with the team to games this far from their home. Good Job Lady Spartans!”

“The Spartans have a really tough Defense and will be one to watch as the season continues to unfold; hopefully their Offense will get on track.”

Next week the Spartans will travel to Pelham Bay to take on the NY Venom, see you Saturday!!

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