A Father-Son Football Duo

BELLEVILLE – Before this summer, the last time Eddie Feliciano Sr. played football competitively was during his younger days, playin street ball in Newark.
That “career” ended when one of his teammates shattered his ankle.
For the last five years Eddie Senior, now 38, had been a referee for youth football games throughout Essex County.
His son, Eddie Jr., played football at Belleville High School and graduated a couple of years ago. He also played at Fairleigh Dickinson-Madison also as running back. The cost of school was prohibitive and he headed for Bergen Community College, a school that does not have football.
Eddie Junior is still looking to play college football and hoping that the New Jersey Spartans is an inroad for another chance.
The Spartans owner and head coach, Kevin Moss, was a coach for Eddie Junior while at Belleville High School, so the younger Feliciano  decided to come out for the team. Eddie Senior decided to follow suit.
“I love football and with my son going out for the team I thought it was a good opportunity to just try out,” he said, as both still live in Belleville.
He admitted he was not very optimistic about making the team. “I told them that if they needed any coaches” to consider him, said Feliciano Senior.
And the tryout was not an easy task, but he felt confident after it. “After the tryout that took three hours, I thought that if I can make it through this that it was not bad,” said Feliciano.

As it turned out both Felicianos made the Spartans and Eddie Senior was placed on the offensive line.  One Feliciano is blocking for another one, Eddie Junior as running back, possibly one of the few times that has happened in organized football.
It has gone so well that Eddie Senior even joked that he has lost 25 pounds since training started about 45 days ago.
And for Eddie Junior he could not be happier that his dad is on the same field as he is and on the same team. “We help each other,” said Eddie Junior who added that they lift weights together at home. “He helps me with my strength and I help him with his speed.”
And Eddie Junior was not surprised that his dad was trying out for the Spartans. “He talks about the days he played street football and I could tell he missed it,” said Eddie Junior about his father,  a construction worker. “His job keeps him in good shape, going up and down and carrying sheet rock.”
It was a quite a moment for the Felicianos on July 23 as the New Jersey Spartans opened their season and the whole Feliciano family was there at Belleville High School stadium to cheer on the father/son duo.
While it was disappointing night, a 46-0 loss to the Tri-State Bulldogs, it was a grand night for the Feliciano family as both played that night for the first time in a regular season game.
The Felicianos and the Spartans had a much better second week, where their team tied the Mariners, 12-12, in Brooklyn, NY.
After a forfeit win on August 6 against the New Jersey Broncos, the Spartans are 1-1-1 as they head for two games on the road at North East Pennsylvania Miners in Scranton on Saturday (7 p.m.) at the Philadelphia Steelers on August 20 (7 p.m.).
The Spartans are back at Belleville High School on August 27 when they host the New Jersey Lions at 6 p.m.

Article courtesy of Edward Kensik with the


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