Time to put up or shut up!!!

This tumultuous Spartan season has given birth to some new and interesting scenarios.

1. The Spartans are fighting to stay alive in a rapidly declining playoff race. Only the 8 Division Winners & the 8 Next Best Records (League Wide) get into the show. We currently are in a 6-way tie for the 17th Spot (not good enough to get in record wise).

2. We are in the second half of the season and its now time for us to make a stand against not only our opponents but ourselves. Anyone that understands this game knows that if you don’t pull together as a team then you are doomed from the start. We witnessed this 1st hand – Wk 1 & Wk2.

3. Who are the Spartans? Last Year we were the new kids on the block, hunting down our prey and not settling for just mere wins but we wanted to show our complete dominance. Where have those Spartan Men gone? Majority of the team stayed intact for 2009 but has the passion been distinguished…

This Saturday we play host to the HC Bounty Hunters. Last year we opened our the NJSO with 2 key victories over them. 1 win was in dramatic fashion, the other was in an all out assault on their team.

Only you (2009 Spartans) can make the difference and keep this tradition going. Shut Down our opponent and Revive our Season.

If you accept this challenge then SHOW UP!!!

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