P(s)OTW Game 4: No. 3, No. 9, No. 18, & HC Moss

This week was an extradordinary week for the New Jersey Spartans.  There were so many Key Players, that we could not just pick one player of the week for the 1st win of the 2010 Season.  This game was definitely one that was worth attending.  We begin by highlighting WR No. 9 Robert Izzo who had 5 Catches for 108 yards.  On top of his many catches, he had a spectacular One-Handed catch that put the Spartans in scoring position.  It was due to his catches that the Spartans were able to gain momentum and excellent Field Position.  We continue on to LB No. 18 Bryce Pointer who had 7 Tackles, 3 for a loss, 2 Sacks, 1 of which was a Safety that tied the score with only a few seconds left in the game.  It was this Safety that caused the Fans to jump out of their seats as the game went into Overtime.  This week’s highlights keep going as we continue with SS No. 3 James Wright who had 5 Tackles, 2 for a loss, and the Game Winning, 40-Yard Interception return for a Overtime, FAN-SCREAMING, SPARTAN AaaHhhOoo-ing, Touchdown!   It was amazing how he managed to pick the ball off after an Eye Injury, which side-lined him for most of the 3rd Quarter.  For the 1st time in Franchise History, we highlight our Head Coach, Kevin Moss, who took over the Offense, due to the absence of his Offensive Coordinator.  It was through the Faith that Coach Moss had in his team, that the Spartans were able to come together as one unit and show everyone that trusting each other can truly result in a Victory.  Coach Moss led his team with great passion and enthusiasm.  He not only faught against the Venom, but against the pressure of time with the lights scheduled to go off immediately after the end of the 4th Quarter.  He assured the team that if they allowed us to finish the game in OT, that we would come away Victorious.  It was at the end of that night that the Spartans gained their 1st win of the year.

Check out some of the highlights from the game below.

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