The Venom Game

Wow! They tried to tell everyone to:

“Skip the 8 o’clock HBO Movie and come out for an entertaining Game of Minor League Football! Spartans vs. Venom, Tonight at 7 pm. Tibbetts Brook Park, Yonkers, NY. AaaHhhOoo!”

It was a really entertaining evening. To go to Yonkers, pull together, and get a WIN was great. For the 1st time this year we remained focused on the job at hand which was to bring home the “W” no matter what. Even Regulation time was not enough. It was refreshing to see each player at one point or another carry each other throughout the game. The Spartan Players were awesome. Everyone played their part in order for us to secure the comeback Victory. Saturday Night marked the 1st time we accomplished what we were supposed to all season long. As we go forward we will look to build upon the new direction of the team and I am convinced that we can and will be successful in our pursuit of the next “W!” Congratulations Everyone!!

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    • General Manager
      August 16, 2010

      Well, I see we are finally in the WIN column. Great game, Coach!

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