Spartans Win in OT Against NY Venom

What A Game! From the Deputy Commissioner Kevin Pryor, to the NY Spartans, to the Friends, Family, and the Football Enthusiast who were present on Saturday Night in Yonkers, NY… What A Game!!   

People were asked to “skip the HBO Movie” and come out to an entertaining Game of football as the NJ Spartans traveled to take on the NY Venom at Tibbetts Brook Park.” For the folks that heeded the message you were not disappointed. This was no mere game between two 0 – 3 teams, but it was a battle of pride, honor, and a show of determination and will power that should be talked about for the remainder of the season.

The game began with the Spartans & Venom defenses showing that it would be a struggle all night. They both were not allowing either offense to mount any successful drives. Then on the Venoms 3rd Offensive possession, Venom QB No.15 hit WR No. 4 on a 45 Yard Reception, putting the ball on the Spartans 5-yd line. On the very next play, Spartans CB No. 26 Joe Moody Intercepted the ball, intended for Venom WR No. 21, who was uncovered in the end-zone. This Squashed any momentum that was mounting for the Venom’s Offense.

Still, the Venom defense remained determined to make something happen regardless. Along with the start of the 2nd quarter and the Spartans taking over the ball at their own 3-yd line after the interception; the Spartans tried to create a little room to work by running the ball. On the 1st Play Spartans RB No. 8 Jackson was tackled in the end-zone, by Venom DE No. 50, resulting in a safety, giving the Venom a 2 – 0 lead. Now feeling pumped the Venom’s Offense took to the field and went to the air immediately and was rewarded by getting a Pass Interference call against the Spartans that got the ball placed on the Spartans 21-yd line. Then after another miscue by the Spartans, which gave the Venom 5 more yards for the defense being offside. Now at the 16-yd line, Venom RB No. 20 carried the ball for a 2-yd gain. On the next play the Venom would reach the end-zone on a 14-yd TD reception by WR No. 21 from QB No. 15. After the failed conversion attempt the score now was Venom 8 – Spartans 0. The Spartans tried to respond quickly when they got the ball, by going to WR No. 9 Rob Izzo, who made a Spectacular one-handed catch over two Venom defenders No. 21 & No. 40, for a huge gain. But the Venom’s Defense would not stand for it.  Two plays later, DE No. 17 from the Venom came free and sacked Spartans QB No. 7 Shakir causing him to fumble and Venom DE No. 50 jumped on it. For the remainder of the Half, neither offense could mount any good drives or put up anymore points, so the Half ended Venom 8 – Spartans 0.

Coming out in the 3rd quarter, the Spartans were determined not to let an opportunity to comeback slip away. The Spartan Defense stiffened up and would not allow the venom to mount any kind of an offensive drive. When the Spartans got possession, it showed that they had developed a plan of action and quickly went to work. After putting together a series of plays that got them to the Venom’s 8-yd line, the Spartans would not let this chance to score get away. QB No. 7 Shakir rolled left and connected with TE No. 85 Stephen Donahue for TD Score, but after a failed conversion attempt the Score remained Venom 8 – Spartans 6. With good stands from both defenses the quarter ended that way.

Then late in the 4th, with under 2 minutes to go, the Spartans have the ball and are driving to Score the game-winning TD. QB No. 7 Shakir comes to the line; drop backs to pass and is picked off by Venom CB No. 37 at the 3-yd line, crushing any hopes the Spartans’ Offense has of tying or winning the game. That would not stop the Spartans’ defense thou. On the Venom’s possessions, with 1:34 remaining in the game, and the Spartans having only 1 time out it seems all but over at this point. The Venom decide to run the ball and they go nowhere, so the Spartans called their final timeout. With 1:14 to go the Venom lines up and run a QB Sneak and gains 3 Yards. Now at the 6-yd line on 3rd & 7 the Venom offense takes really long in the huddle and gets a delay of game penalty stopping the clock with :28 seconds to go and now the penalty backed them up to the 3-yd line again. So, on 3rd & 10 with a few seconds remaining in the game The Venom decide to pass for the 1st down, the QB drops back, but is sacked by Spartans LB No. 18 Bryce Pointer in the end-zone for a safety!! The Crowd and Spartans go wild!  Life has just been restored to the game, which is now tied at the end of regulation 8 – 8.

In Overtime, the Spartans won the toss and elected to receive. After a good 20-yard return the Spartans had the ball at their own 40-yd line. Behind the Strong running of RB No. 8 Shamar Jackson, the Spartans were able to move across the 50. Then on the next play, after the ball was tipped in the air, Spartans WR No. 19 Rashaan Allen was able to bring in the reception and put the team in a position to win the game. But after a penalty which backed the Spartans up to the Venom’s 25 Yard line they would have to settle for a FG. On the try, Spartans Kicker No. 85 Stephen Donahue had the ball lined up perfectly.  Unfortunately, he didn’t have enough leg behind it and the ball fell short. The Venom took over at their 40-yd line and now have an opportunity to move down the field to set-up a game winning score themselves. On the 1st play the pass fell incomplete to WR No. 21. On the 2nd play RB No. 3 was tackled in the backfield for a loss by Spartans LB No. 58 Jose Renderos. Now on 3rd down the Venom are trying to pick-up the 1st down to keep the drive alive; QB No. 15 Drops back and eyes a seemingly wide open receiver, just at that moment Spartans S No. 3 James Wright Shoots across the field and intercepts the ball, taking it back 40 yards for the TD!! It’s over, It’s over… Spartans WIN! Spartans WIN!! The NJ Spartans have captured their 1st Victory of the season in comeback fashion no less and it was a riveting experience. Congratulations Spartans!

Next week the Spartans will return home to Belleville, NJ to take on the NJ Lions, see you Saturday!!

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