The Lions Game

Once again we let it slip away… The NJ Lions was well prepared on that night but we could have done better. It was a 7 – 0 game at the half, right where we wanted them and as this season has shown us we could not mount any momentum to get the job done when necessary. We had them on the ropes trying to figure out what they could do to move the ball and then in the second half we just seemed to loose focus and let them get whatever they wanted. We had some excellent play from a vast majority of players but those few guys that didn’t give their all will now be looked at during the 2nd half of the season just a bit differently. We will go into this bye week and try to correct some minor issues and I for one am looking forward to hopefully getting things back on track and making it happen!!! 5-0 is goal… Practice will determine how bad we want to win!

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