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With the New Jersey Spartans Minor League Football Team going into Game 7 of the NEFL Season, there is still hope for this team to having a winning season.  Head Coach, Kevin Moss, has great intentions of making it deep into the post-season.  When asked about the outlook of the remaining four games, Coach Moss provided his optimistic approach to the upcoming opponents.

What offensive changes are in the works to get more points on the board?

“Right now, at this part of the season, we realize that there is no turning back.  We need to utilize our entire roster in order to get the most production out of the offense.  We have had ample time to evaluate and assess what has worked for us and believe that given the right opportunity, with the right players, we can unleash this offensive beast.”

Do you feel confident with Rashad Hector as your starting Quarterback?

“Yes. Over the course of this season, we have watched him grow from strictly a runner into a confident passer.  While he has made some mistakes along the way, his quarterback development is right on pace with where we want him.  Now that he has a better grasp of the offense, we are confident that he will help us maximize it.”

Do you plan on implementing any new Defensive Strategies to allow fewer points against you?

“Yes. We realize that we have had several players playing out of position and have not been putting them in the best position to make the plays needed.”

Is there a player you are waiting on to rise to the occasion and command the defense?

“Yes.  We are awaiting our Defensive Leader, James Wright, to bring more of his play-making skills to the forefront.  Outside of Game 1, where he returned a Fumble for a touchdown, he has been relatively quiet.  We rely on him to create turnovers which lead to the Defense putting points on the board and more offensive possessions.”

With James Colson returning a Missed Field-Goal for a Touchdown, do you see any need for improvement on your Special Teams Unit?

“Yes. Even though our return game has been pretty steady, our coverage on kick-off and punt units, respectively, needs to improve.  Our opponents have been starting in very favorable field positions, leading them to mount short scoring drives on our defense.”

Many people may think you were lucky to beat the Connecticut Gamblers and say you only won due to them traveling to New Jersey.  Are there any new tricks up your sleeve for your upcoming match-up and Round 2 against the Connecticut Gamblers?

“No tricks needed.  We are going to get back to the basics and the staple of Spartans Football, which is continuing to force turnovers, put pressure on opposing teams’ offenses, causing them to make costly mistakes.  All the while, giving our offense opportunities to put points on the board.”

What do you need from your supporting Coaching Staff to bring this team to a victory?

“I need for them to continue to chase for glory.  We have had six games to see what works and doesn’t work for us.  Now that we have had that opportunity, I need for them to make the necessary adjustments, so we can give it our best shot collectively.”

Do you feel the Spartans can win the last four match-ups of the season?

“Yes. As most coaches already know, it’s very hard to beat a team twice, especially when they are prepared for what you bring to the table.  In our remaining match-ups, we feel that we will be able to take advantage of having a healthier Spartan squad, along with some Spartan stars returning to their true form.  This will propel us to victory.”

This Saturday, the Spartans travel to Plainfield, CT to face the CT Gamblers to continue on the road and visit the CT Ravens of Bridgeport, CT the following weekend.  Your Green, Black, and White will return home on Saturday, September 22nd, hoping to have two additional wins for the season.  Stay tuned for more information from your New Jersey Spartans.

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