BNEFF GROUP INC September 5 2010 9:00am

Hawthorne, New York – Today marks a major success for one great organization and a major staple in the Sports apparel world. The BNEFF Group has partnered with a sports household name” The Sports Authority. The relationship has been in the works for months and details of the partnership are still being developed as we write this.

The SPORTS AUTHORITY has a proven track record and we are pleased that such an organization as the Sports Authority has agreed to call the BNEFF Group partners, said BNEFF Group president Dexter Girven.

The Sports Authority in celebration of this new partnership, has given the many BNEFF / BEFF families  across the BNEFF Group  a bit of financial relief, as it relates to economizing  purchases for each and every family in the two leagues.

We personally would like to thank The Sports Authority for their professionalism and the creativity they bring to the table, said Dexter Girven. The bneff/beff Staff will be sending out emails to the BNEFF/BEFF owners today.


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