The Hornets Game

Wow what a difference practice makes… We came out with a bang and captured our 1st lead in the early parts of a game, which hasn’t happened since we played the Wolves back in the beginning of the season. Guys played with passion and excitement and it enabled us to put points on the board, but it still didn’t result in a “W.” It was refreshing to see that our team philosophy can work against any team as long as everyone buys into the program and focuses on doing their job! The Hornets were a young and scrappy bunch that made the most of every opportunity we gave them and it helped them get to the end-zone on multiple occasions. When will enough be enough? Most of our players are playing for pride now as the season winds down, but I am determined to try and get them to finish on a strong note. I remind them that we have played some of the best teams in the league this season and that even though we are rebuilding, we held our own against the leagues best. As we prepare to take on next weeks opponent, we have to just continue to learn the new plays and practice them to prefection if we want to execute them at a high level.

No Excuses, just get it done!!

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