TSE Round One

After such a great response to the Sports and Entertainment Career Fair, hosted by the NJ Devils at Newark’s Prudential Center on Tuesday, November 8th, the NJ Spartans received over 100 Resumes of Individuals seeking to join the staff.   The NJ Spartans are not your typical Sports Company and wanted to create a High Energy Selection Process for Future Interns and Staff Members, hence the birth of The SPARTAN Experience.  Individuals who made a great impression at the Career Fair are invited to attend TSE and will have to complete a series of tasks/challenges in order to proceed to the next Round.  Candidates must not only successfully complete the challenge, but must make themselves stand out amongst their competitors.


The SPARTAN Experience begins with Round One, on Friday, November 18th.  All Candidates must arrive at 10 am, where they will be broken up into groups to receive their 1st task.  The task may be easy for some, but difficult for others.  The key is to provide an insight into what it takes to be a Spartan.  Only the strong will survive.


To Join the Spartans is more than just answering Interview Questions.  The SPARTAN Experience will give the Administrative Staff the opportunity to gauge the performance and talent skills of each individual and find out who is BUILT SPARTAN TOUGH!


Good luck to all potential members.



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