Successful Try-Out

After a successful Fourth Year, your New Jersey Spartans officially began their Fifth Year of Football on Thursday, December 1, 2011.  The First event of the 5th year was the First Round of Try-Outs for the 2012 Minor League Football Team, held on Saturday, December 3, 2011.  This year’s try-out was held at the Stephen N. Adubato Sports Complex in Newark, NJ.  The morning started off a bit chilly, but it didn’t stop the prospective players from coming out to show their talents.  The new candidates began their fight to wear the green, black, and white with a Spartan Warm-Up, led by the Returning Players of the 2011 MLFT.  They were then broken up into groups, where they participated in drills, such as the 40-Yard Dash, Short Shuttle, 3-Cone Agility Drill, and Position-Specific Drills.

While some were able to get through the Drills with ease, it wasn’t until they were put into Endurance and Conditioning drills, led by Coach Moss that individuals began to drop out.  “If you can’t get through a Moss Drill, you won’t survive the season,” said J. Wright, #3.  The Off-Season training and conditioning is definitely something that goes down in Spartan History.  Recalling how some players made the team by coming to their try-out in 8+ inches of snow this past January, they considered these new recruits to be lucky. “We prefer for them to leave now instead of during the season,” said R. Aguirre, #52, as certain people packed up their bags and left the try-out.

The day continued when the Linemen had their One-On-One Sessions with Pass Coverage and Blocking.  Then, the highlight of the day came with the 7-on-7 games, where individuals were then tested in their football knowledge with ability to run basic routes and execute coverages.  The estimated try-out time ran a bit over, because the returning players were enjoying being on the field once again with their fellow Spartan Brothers.  Coach Moss wrapped up the day with a run-down of what to expect regarding an official invitation to be a Spartan Player for 2012.  Stay tuned to find out who makes the cut and has the opportunity of wearing the Green.


CLICK HERE for the Spartan Times Article.

*All photos, provided courtesy of AmberJo Photography

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