Football Workout for 2015 Athletes

We are currently recruiting for the 2015 Spring Football Season. If you are interested in joining the Spartan Nation, come out for the open Workout and show us what you got!

Saturday, January 3, 2015
Registration begins at 12:00 PM
Workout begins at 1:00 PM

Bring Workout Attire!

The upcoming workout will be used to assess the talent that is available for us for the upcoming spring season.  Football workout activities include kicking, throwing, catching, blocking and sprinting. We will be able to determine who has what it takes to succeed on the football field with the NJ Spartans. Players are sorted into groups based on positions before separating to different parts of the field to perform position-related drills. Some athletes will be separated into position groups based on what physical appearance, as the workout process unfolds, athletes skills will reveal the positions for which individual athletes are best suited.

If you are coming out to be our team’s quarterback, you will be put through a number of drills that include throwing, running and taking a snap from under center and in shotgun. Wide receiver candidates will be called upon to run routes and receive passes from prospective quarterbacks. Running back will run through cones and receive passes along with the wide receivers. Defensive backs and safeties will be assessed by providing pass coverage during passing drills, while linebackers will perform a combination of linemen and defensive back drills. Kickers’ and punters’ skills will be evaluated by attempting field goals from different distances and by punting the ball as far as they can.

Do you have what it takes?

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