Things all potential players will need to know!

The Combine will be held on Saturday, January 26th @ 7 a.m. at Velocity Sports Performance in Wall, NJ. The combine this year will be $50 and open to everyone, however we ask that you have at least one year of football experience.

You will be asked to sign a waiver before the combine releasing the team, facility, league, and coaches of any liability if you get hurt. The team nor league provides insurance for the players. All players are highly encouraged to have injury insurance before attending any practice with the team.

Players who do and do not make the team will be informed prior to the 1st Official Team meeting that will take place in February. If you are one of the lucky ones who made the team you will need to have your $300Registration Fee (includes league fee, team fee, and uniform fee)payed Saturday February 2nd.

Players this season will need to supply there own helmets, shoulder pads, leg pads, black knee length socks, and cleats. The team will still supply your PRACTICE & GAME Jerseys.

We will be practicing 2 -3 Days a Week until the start of the season in mid May. Practice Days & Times Will Be Determined by Player Vote At 1st Official Team Meeting. After the season starts we will practice as much as necessary to prepare for the next game. With this amount of practice we are asking for a lot of commitment out of our players. We will not be successful if we cannot practice because of players not showing up. If you cannot sacrifice this much time, do not bother Signing Up for the team.

Our first Few practices will be in helmets only. Then After A Week or Two we will be in shoulder pads and helmets.

We will have a 10 game schedule this season. All Other game information will be given at 1st Official Meeting. (remember schedules are always subject to change)

All early registering players will have first dibs on the jersey numbers. New players will be able to request their number when the pay their team fee. *First come first serve.

If you still have a question after reading this please contact us at

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