The New Jersey Spartans was founded in 2007, by owners Kevin and Charmaine Moss in Newark, NJ.  It was then that our Journey officially began.  In 2008, we joined the Regional American Football League, RAFL, where we completed our first football season.  We ended the season with a 7-3 record and made it to the 1st Round of the Play-Offs.  Ranking 12th out of the 32 teams in our league, we were voted the Best New Team in the State of NJ and in the RAFL.

In 2009, our hunger for football grew and we needed to provide our players with more opportunities to perfect their talent.  We participated in the Gridiron Elite Tournament, which gave us five Spring Football games, prior to our Summer Season.  We also hosted the 1st Annual Spartan Bowl in June, where we competed against the NY Spartans for the actual “Spartan Bowl” and were named the First Spartan Bowl Champion.  It was in that year we decided to expand our outreach and efforts within the local communities and made the choice of being an organization about more than just football.

In 2010, we adopted the motto “Raising the Bar” and moved our Home Base to Belleville, NJ.  We grew to not only include an Adult Football Team, but added the Rising Spartans Youth Football Program, which hosts several local Youth Football Camps throughout the year.  We also added the Lady Spartans Dance and Fitness Program, which participated in a Poll for the #1 Dance Team in the League.  Several new additions would also include a High School Scholarship Funding Program, College Internships, and participation in numerous Community Service activities.  With all the new add-ons, we were able to give back to the residents of our local community.  We agreed to be an organization that promotes sports, exercise, good health, family fun, and community giving.  It was in this year that we made the decision to join the Big North East Football Federation, BNEFF, and took on a new scope of competition on the field.

In 2011, realizing that our efforts to Raise the Bar were not merely enough, we took on the slogan “Return to Glory,” which was designed to perfect the talent level of the football team.  We remained with the BNEFF as they initiated the Major League Football organization, MLF. We put our organization in full gear and took on the challenge of making our Game Nights an Entertaining Event.  Adding Pre-Game Festivities, a fully-operating Concession Stand, a Game Day Announcer, and Musical Entertainment, Belleville NJ was the place to be on a Saturday Night.  Our following increased and our Spartan TV episodes took over the web.  Once again, the Spartans made it to the 1st Round of the Play-Offs and ended their 4th year with the Annual Season Banquet.

2012 brought a lot of new changes for the New Jersey Spartans organization.  We added more football by playing in a Spring League, the East Coast Football Association, ECFA.  We also joined a well-organized and established Summer League, the New England Football League, NEFL.  By taking these two steps, the New Jersey Spartans enjoyed competing against new opponents in new areas.

In addition to Minor League Football, Fall 2012 was the debut for the newly established North Jersey Collegiate Football Club, CFC.   The CFC provides an opportunity for current college students to continue their football career, while pursuing their college degree.  While the team is geared towards students of local community colleges that do not offer football as an athletic program, they compete against Universities, Junior Colleges, and other Club-Level Football Teams.  The Collegiate Football Club is a member of the Yankee Collegiate Football Conference, YCFC and ended the season with a 2 – 2 Record, Ranking 4th in the Conference and Nationally Ranked #17th in the Intercollegiate Club Football Federation, ICFF.  While the CFC was eligible for the #4 Seed in the Play-offs, Hurricane Sandy and the Aftermath prohibited us from continuing into the post-season.  The steps taken in 2012 bought more football for our players, supporters, and fans.

Stay tuned to find out the latest and greatest from your Green, Black, and White.